Hot Tubs And Spas Facts And Safety

After a long day at work, one needs a place to retreat and that place could easily be your bathroom. Quite ironic, but so much leisure happens in the bathroom than we care to imagine. A good example of a place to lay one’s thoughts is the hot tub, one that helps you loosen up after a day’s hard work. You can take this fun a step further and run yourself a spa if the mood allows it. Enjoy the thrill of hot springs and geysers in the African safari at a limited cost and enjoy the best family moments all thanks to Premium Leisure.

What is the difference between a spa and a hot tub?

Quite a number of people find the two terms quite confusing and I too concur with this notion; nevertheless I will decrypt the two meanings. A spar is could be a mineral spring or man-made but has been defined as acrylic or fiberglass heated water filled tubs. Most people find the acrylic tubs much more appealing as compared to fiber glass.

Hot tubs can be mainly classified as wooden with a linear set inside that provide you jet action with no acrylic contoured seat. The thin difference lies in those few details but both give one’s house or a hotelier a diversification like no other in this line of satisfaction.

How to safely open a hot tub or spa in Spring

Winter is a cold reality. When that time comes, proper precaution has to be exercised to avoid damage. The greatest damage you can ever cause any hot tub spa or spa is failure to cover up for the winter season. It is quite a technical process but one you can pull off with the right attitude. Many trust this sort of work with professionals because they fear causing any damage or doing dreadful work. The truth however is that you can do it with the few guidelines below.

  • Remove the cover; with ground spas and hot tubs, simply drain any existing water tubes. Clean, fold and store away waiting for the next season. Deflate the air pillows, fold these and put them away in the storage section. Proper storage is quite essential in these cases.


  • Remove the hard thermal cover; extreme conditions can cause cracking but proper covering saves you this heartache. Check for these and drain out any existing water or dirt.


  • Spa shell cleaning; avoid bleaching agents or liquid soap in the act of cleaning. Use acrylic cleaners which won’t scratch the acrylic tub.


  • Wax the spa shell; once again use an acrylic wax and keep away any other types of waxes such as car wax or furniture wax. These damage the shell in the long term.


  • Check the spa; proper closing of the spar will only benefit you and if the job is professionally done then you can enjoy a lifetime of good moments in your hot tub or spa. Fix the loose screws before and re-connect all these before attempting to fill the tubs with water.


  • Fill it up; after making sure it is all good then fill the tub up using a horse reel and wait to see the water retention.


  • Power up; after certifying that all is well then the last step is to power it up. Follow the manual settings of powering and run tests to make sure it resumes business like once before.

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