As a sales person, “why should I buy your product instead of your competitor” or, perhaps “what makes you a better product than the other brands has always been a challenging question”.

I’m sure you would agree that we all have had that question asked of us and if like most, we probably replied with a host of reasons why, only to leave ourselves open to the chance of a blank stare, a comment to imply “so what” or maybe a fate would have it, the prospect turned out to be so schooled on your product, that the question was a test of your own product knowledge.

To better understand a prospects value stream, you must learn. Did they really have a need? Were they looking for information to compare against others? What were the things that they felt were most important to them? The prospect that is heavily into features and hi-tech will place greater value on things such as stereo’s, touch screen technology and so forth. A person who is more concerned about the simplicity of operation and maintenance is less apt to be concerned with gadgets.

It is also critical when speaking with a prospect to be mindful of the person’s gender and demographic. As more and more generation X’s and Y’s (Millennials) enter the marketplace a sales person needs to understand what their typical buying habits are. Both are better educated and more technically savvy then Boomers who might be buying a hot tub for health or relaxation reasons. Generation “X” will place value and performance at the top of their list. In a similar fashion, a Millennial will want to know what the product is “worth” but since they are less likely to have the disposal income, they will weight their need for the product before the considering what the product can do for them.

This is where you will likely hear “why should I buy your product or what makes you better”. And, no different than any other, Millennials need to be told why your product is better, but in a manner and language they can relate to.

ASK QUESTIONS DON’T JUST RESPOND. A method some have used over the years is called LEAR. Listen (take in what the prospect tells you). Explore (the more you learn the easier it is to zero in). Acknowledge (so you told me what is most important to you is ability to pay over time, is that right)? Respond (once you have enough input — make your presentation — emphasis should be on what they want, not what you think is important).

So, “Why Premium Leisure Hot Tubs”?

Needless to say, that depends on who you are speaking to and what their value stream is.


Our hot tubs are made in the USA. Although only 9 years old, we are already one of the top spa companies Worldwide, currently selling in over 40 countries and distributed through global suppliers in dozens more. Our management team has been instrumental in the shaping the foundation of our industry and we are annual recipients of poolandspa.com 5-star rating as well as being a Trade-Certified manufacturer. Our products have approval ratings of ETL, UL, CE, CSA, CEC and various other organizations whose responsibility it is to ensure that products comply with health and safety standards. Family owned and operated, we are a company that cares.

Chris Stokes is an eminent and a mature content writer for Premium Leisure, He is writing articles about hot tub, hot tub spas, swim spas and portable hot tubs related topics.

Resource By : https://medium.com/@premiumleisure123/why-premium-leisure-hot-tubs-or-spas-c55fcee0d860#.ghuzidfeu


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