Premium Leisure Wins Best Of Class Awards For 2015

Premium Leisure has won multiple 2015 Best Of Class Awards from, for their hot tubs, pools and swim spas. Among their brands are GO Spas, Leisure’s Edge, Pinnacle Spas, Premium Leisure Hot Tubs, Premium Spas & Swim Spas and Premium Leisure Fiberglass Pools. There are normally about 20-30 pool, hot tub and swim spa companies that win a Best Of Class Award each year. is a Nevada based pool and spa web site, and announces the winners of their Best Of Class Awards for companies in the pool and spa industry each year. The award program recognizes outstanding and superior products, innovation and/or customer service in the pool & spa industry.

Premium Leisure has already made an impact in the spa industry, by improving spa products with unique craftsmanship, new water testing procedures, improved quality assurance inspections, and a new service and sales division. Premium Leisure with 50 years overall experience in the spa industry is manufacturing quality luxury spas from the very basic low end, to premium luxury high end spas and swim spas.

They are committed to building every spa with the highest ETL requirements exceeding the strictest standards possible, and are committed to provide each and every customer with the best service possible.

They are currently manufacturing thousands of Best hot tubs, swim spa and pools per month for customers across the globe. Premium Leisure is almost a household name, and over the years has grown significantly, expanding from a local manufacturer to a company with hundreds of retail dealers and representatives in dozens of countries.

They have some of the most efficient manufacturing techniques to ensure that the consumer receives the best possible quality hot tub or swim spa, at the lowest possible price available. In keeping with tradition of using only the most advanced production methods, they plan to expand and improve their manufacturing capacity in the next year.

For the 2015 Best Of Class Awards, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. This year’s Awards were based on a combination of factors including product inspections and phone interviews, as well as very detailed consumer input through the use of a third-party consumer survey company. Over 5,000 consumers were polled throughout 2014 to the present. The 2015 Best Of Class Award Program focuses on quality, not necessarily quantity.

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