Testimonial See What Customers have to say about us.

“We previously owned a Premium Leisure spa and were always impressed with their style and performance, so when we found out that they had developed a new line, we were quick to learn more about them. We recently bought a PR881 and wow, this is truly an amazing hot tub. The entire family loves it as has something for everyone, including our 12 year old that fell in love with the smart controls.”

Julie and Roger Roberson Cherry Hill, NJ

“It’s great for sore muscles and helps us to relax.”

Renate and David, Little Silver

  “Thank you for your kindness. I wish all people in the service industry were as kind and gentle as you are!”

Thank you from Vermont!
I have really enjoyed my swim spas. I had a few issues at first but the company quickly handled them. My warranty is out now and I’ve been waiting for something terrible to go wrong, but so far so good. The radio/cd player went out about a year ago but I haven’t replaced or repaired it. The salesperson I used is Rick McCoy. He was great to work with.”

Christi Lucksinger

“I would like to take the time to personally thank Tommy & Eric in the Parts Dept. for a job well done. They both went way beyond my expectations. I was a novice in repairing my heating element in my 20 year old spa. Tommy did an amazing job in the rebuild of the heating housing & Eric took the time to walk me through the installation & rewiring. My spa is working great because of all their hard work. Thanks again for everything.”

Tom Harman Tampa, Fl

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About premiumleisure

Hello Folks, I am Chris Stokes from Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA. Currently i am working as a Software Engineer at Premium Leisure LLC, A place to bring family and friends closer together, Premium Leisure Spas ​are a place to unwind, relax, refresh and rejuvenate. For More Information Please Visit Site : http://www.premiumleisure.com
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