Leisure’s EDGE Model LE 630

A wistful interlude, a blissful moment of solidarity, an escape to nirvana; all these and more are possible if an LE630 spa is part of your daily routine. Thirty Stainless Steel jets, including our patented Quad Spin Roto, a dual speed 300 gallon per minute, 2-speed pump and all the extra features that make Leisure’s Edge spa exciting and affordable are what make the LE630 such an amazing hot tub spa experience.

Standard Features

  • Comfortable Pillows (3)
  • 50 Sq. Ft. Lily Filtration System
  • ABS Insulated Base and Support Structure
  • Digital Smart Controls
  • Custom Designed Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Lucite® Cast Acrylic
  • Water Fountains
  • LED Coach Lighting
  • Maintenance Friendly Synthetic Cabinet
  • Heavy Duty Cover
  • Components that Meet Safety Standards

Resource By : http://www.premiumleisure.com/hot-tub-spa-model-le630.shtml


About premiumleisure

Hello Folks, I am Chris Stokes from Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA. Currently i am working as a Software Engineer at Premium Leisure LLC, A place to bring family and friends closer together, Premium Leisure Spas ​are a place to unwind, relax, refresh and rejuvenate. For More Information Please Visit Site : http://www.premiumleisure.com
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