Conclusions on the use of electronic signature pads

The difference between using a specialized service and purchasing software and a device is the same as the one between storing your money in a safe or in a bank – the liability. Apart from possible legal problems, the decision also directly affects the assumption of hidden costs.

As we have already explained in the blog post about the different types of electronic signatures and their validity, the difference between using a service or a product is not whether it is a valid system, but lies in the varying degrees of legal validity and security they offer. In such an important decision as choosing between a digital signature service and an electronic signature pad for the use in a business or for public service, it is important to weigh the consequences carefully. The decision won’t only affect one specific case, but the entire system and thus the future of the company.

If you are looking for a digital signature solution for your business or service, request more information and we will recommend the solution that best suits your requirements.

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