Benefits of drinking fresh coconut water when vacationing in Roatan


 vacationing in Roatan

So you’ve finally booked your Roatan vacation!  While you’ll definitely have a lot of fun, did you realize that by using some local, homegrown products you can make yourself healthier as well?  Read more to learn about the benefits of drinking fresh coconut water when vacationing in Roatan.

Coconut Water Is Hydrating

Coconut water has a similar composition to sports drinks, but without all the added sugar.  High levels of magnesium and potassium found in coconut water help to quickly rehydrate the body.  This can be very helpful considering the warm temperatures found on the island. And if you’ve had a few too many tropical drinks, coconut water can play a role in relieving the symptoms of a hangover.

Coconut Water Can Reduce Blood Pressure

Magnesium found in coconut water relaxes blood vessels and prevents them from constricting.  This allows for the easier flow of the blood and reduces the pressure on the vessel walls. The potassium found in coconut water can also act to counterbalance the effects of sodium which has been found to increase blood pressure when found in higher concentrations.

Coconut Water Can Help Prevent Heart Diseases

Coconut water has been found to aid in the reduction of arterial plaques which can lead to strokes or heart attacks.  It can also decrease the levels of bad cholesterol while increasing the levels of good cholesterol. Coconut water directly affects the metabolism of lipids which influence cholesterol levels.

Coconut Water Can Promote Weight Loss

Not only is coconut water low in calories (there are about 65 calories in 12 ounces,) but it contains enzymes which encourage digestion and help metabolize fat.  The aforementioned role that potassium plays in neutralizing sodium will reduce water retention and its associated weight gains.

Coconut Water Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Coconut water is rich in a type of amino acids which are thought to allow the body to be more sensitive to insulin.  This increased sensitivity helps regulate the sugar levels in the blood. Coconut water can also reduce symptoms suffered by those with diabetes such as numbness of the feet and plaque build up in the arteries.

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