Swimming hot tub at whatever time you like all alone at your own suitable pace. No voyaging, no swarmed pools, no intense chlorine. Simply your own particular synthetically designed tub, where you perform your swimming activity or practice against a still current that is completely customization to any velocity or capacity.

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Portable hot tub spas — luxury on the go!

Did you know that in some parts of the world a hot tub is now by as a Jacuzzi? This is a well-known brand in some parts of the world. Other parts it is known as a hot tub spa. Hot tubs use to be something that is built into a part in your house and only used on special occasions.

Nowadays hot tub spas is seen as part of a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is getting more and more popular among people suffering from chronic pain and muscle spasms. It is also great as a stress reliever and even help for tension headaches. However, most people still buy one, whether it is for medical reasons or just for pleasure. It is seen as a place to bring friends and family closer together. Just to relax, unwind and allow the water jets to wash away the stress of the day. Afterwards you can feel rejuvenated. Each make and model of hot tub spa has its own unique pattern of hydrotherapy jets. This is designed and positioned in such a way to deliver a vigorous yet relaxing massage.

The great part of hot tub spas these days is that you now get a portable version. If you rent a house or an apartment you are usually not able or unwilling to install a permanent feature that must be left behind when you move. The other problem might be that you do not have enough space to have a permanent hot tub installed. This is where a portable hot tub comes in handy. Portable hot tubs are also more cost effective and affordable.

A portable hot tub is an inflatable device that can be inflated when you want to use it and deflated after use. It also has the added benefit that you do not need any excavations done or any electrical work. There is also no need for external plumbing. A portable hot tub spa just plugs into the nearest standard household wall socket. It is also made out of extremely lightweight, but very durable material. You can also use this indoors or outdoors.

If you are an avid sportsperson, a portable spa is just as convenient for you. If you are going away to participate in a sports event, the portable spa can help relief muscle pain after the event. You can even invite your competitors to join you!

Portable spas is also a great investment for an old age home. Studies has shown that hydrotherapy helps for arthritis, diabetes and even mental health. Usually care places doesn’t have a lot of space. A portable tub can be of great value, especially if it there are residents who can still help themselves.

If you have smaller children in your household, a portable hot tub can be seen as a safer option. After use, you just drain it. Taking away the danger of drowning that a normal hot tub or swimming pool holds. In a deflated state it is impossible for a child to fall in head first and hurt themselves.

Portable hot tubs bring two features together: luxury and affordability. It is just as luxurious as a permanent installed hot tub. But it is cheaper because there are no permanent fittings needed. This enables you to spoil your family as well as elevate your own pains and stress. It is a great feature for any home. And now, space is not an excuse anymore.

It is now also possible for you to take the luxury on holiday with you. This can make your holiday even more relaxing. Imagine, you lounging in the hot tub at your dream destination. It is probably the most relaxed you will ever feel in your life!

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Swim spa, where a swimming pool meets a hot tub.

You know the normal hot tub. The one that is built into the ground where 6 or 8 people can relax. Some are smaller, a very few are even bigger. The other day you heard about a swim spa. That is usually two words that are not used in the same sentence. You will be happy to hear that a swim spa is a new trend that is spreading like wildfire.

A swim spa is basically a hot tub spa and a swimming pool combined. On the one end there is usually a normal size hot tub and on the other side is there a type of swimming. It is not exactly an Olympic size pool where you can do 50 laps. However, you are still able to practice and exercise. The swim spa has the benefit of you swimming against the jets. You continue to swim in the directions of the jets, without turning around to more laps. You will also never have to hit the wall.

This type of pool is very popular in inner city metropolitan areas where space is at a premium. The swim spa is a cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of pool ownership. Swim spas are typically around 3–5 meters in length. They can come in any size that you request and that will suit your lifestyle. Swim spas have all the normal features of a regular hot tub spa but it has the added benefit of allowing you to swim against jets.

Swim spas are also more customizable than a normal pool and it more petite in width. They are usually less than 2.4 meters wide. With the more compact size you can install them indoors or outdoors. Swim spas also have different types of water flow, and your intended use will determine which type of water flow is right for you. There are three standard flow of currents, which include jet propulsion, rotating paddle wheels and a propeller.

Being smaller in size than a normal swimming pool, swim spas are a lot more cost effective. In most cases a swim spa is priced half of that of a standard size swimming pool. There is also less installation costs involved because the excavation that needs to be done, is less.

You must decide for what purpose you will use the swim spa. The length of the spa will limit certain activities. For open-water swimming or continuous swimming the length of the spa must go up to at least 7 meters. The smaller versions that is about 3 meters in length, are not designed for swimming. These are mainly used for various forms of exercise. In the smaller ones you can put in additional features such as underwater treadmills or rowing machines. The smaller models are also better for hydrotherapy. The current resistance in these are not really suitable for swimming.

You must also remember that it is important to look at the spa components when deciding on a swim spas. These components will influence how much the swim spa will cost you in the future as well as how much upkeep must done. You don’t want to buy a swim spa, and then spend more time fixing and maintaining it than you are using it.

The purification and filtration system must be of extremely good quality. The type of chemicals you will use to clean it will influence which type of system you buy. The swim current is important if you have special needs like training for an open-water swimming competition. Make sure that this meet your needs. The shell of the swim spa influence the amount of money you will spend on installation, but it also has an aesthetic value. You want the swim spa to look in your home. The cover for the swim spa is not only an important safety feature but it also helps to preserve the life your swim spa. Keeping the elements out leads to less use of chemicals and also preserves the filters.

Like any swimming pool, a swim spa is a great feature to have. However, you must make sure it fits into your needs. You must get the most out of you swim spa.

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Swimming Hot Tub Spas

One of the most common reasons why people are purchasing a swimming hot tub, is for the health benefits that you can have with this spa tub. There are many health benefits that you, your parents and even your children can enjoy.

Because you are relaxing and let stress disappear, you are going to make sure that have a lower risk of getting any cardiovascular diseases.

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Portable Hot Tub Spas – Premium Leisure LLC

Most people are doing research about the portable hot tub spas that they are considering purchasing, but they don’t do research about the brand of the spa. This can lead to all kinds of problems.

It is really important that you should take the time and to research the spa and the name of the spa. So that you can know that you are going to purchase known name that will not give you all sorts or problems along the way. Reading reviews about the brand and the spa, is going to give you a better idea if this is a high quality spa tub that you are going to purchase.

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Hot tubs: yay or nay?

Lying lazy in the hot tub, with a glass of wine and relaxing, is a picture of the perfect day spent with friends or family. Owning a hot tub is a dream for many city dwellers. These days hydrotherapy is also a very common and preferred method of treating several medical issues such as arthritis.

There are various options for owning a hot tub. One get portables ones, inflatable ones as well as the ones that are built in. One must first understand what hydrotherapy is before one decide on buying a hot tub. That is if you are buying one for medical treatments. Hydrotherapy, also known as parathyroid or water cure. It is a part of medicine and alternative medicine. It includes nephropathy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. It is also great for pain relief and treatment. One must understand that it includes a broad range of approaches and therapeutic methods. It uses the advantage of the properties of water, such as temperature and flow. It can even employ water jets for more specialized forms of treatments. If you are buying one for medical treatments, the location of your ailment will have an effect on which hot tub to buy.

If you are buying one for leisure purposes you must take into account if you have the space. If you buy a permanent build in version, you must have ample space for it. Take into consideration that there might be water splashing from the tub. There must also be electricity as well as water connections.

Choosing a provider for the installation is very important. Premium leisure is a well-known provider that gives quality work and quality products. There are the options of premium hot tubs. These hot tubs have more water jets with more enhanced options for different settings for the massages etc. The ideal of a premium hot tub is that it must be exceptional in every aspect of design, quality, comfort and features. There are also different options in sizes. There are bigger ones that can take up to 8 people at the same time.

Then there are more economical options. With fewer jets and smaller in size. These hot tubs are more for the first time buyer who wants to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub in their home. Their water jet options are limited and if you are looking for one for medical treatments than this option might not be for you. The economical options are more for clients who want to relax after a hard day at work or invite friends over and enjoy the time.

The other option is the portable hot tub. These are hot tubs that you inflate for use and deflate after use. These hot tubs can be set up any time as long as you have the water and electricity ready to go. You must also remember that there must be space to drain the water after use.

The great thing about hot tubs are that there are options which is called a swimming hot tub. It is bigger than the normal hot tub and can double as a swimming pool. It ca also be used as a pool to do exercises in and it can be relaxing as well. If you buy a swimming hot tub, make sure that the structure is of good quality and that it can the strain of water exercises.

Before you buy a hot tub, do your research. The one that you choose must have spare parts readily available. And the after sale service must be good. Choose the provider that give the best service. Make sure that the additional costs such as the plumber or electrician are taken into account. These costs can add up. If you buy an expensive hot tub these costs can make it more expensive. Buying a portable hot tub can ensure that you can have a relaxing time, wherever you are!

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Best 4 reasons of purchasing Swim Spas

Having Swim Spas at your home can be such a great thing for you and your whole family. But, this is something that not everyone can purchase. If you are still wondering if you should consider purchasing a Swim Spas or a spa tub, you need to read these top 4 reasons why you should really consider the spa tub, instead of the normal swimming pool:

Family time

The first reason, why you should consider purchasing the best swim spa, is because it is going to give you much needed family time.

Great exercise

Because the Swim Spas are large enough to swim in, it is a great way of doing some exercises. You can even let your children get some much needed exercise in, without them even knowing it.


Stress is something that everyone should deal with on a daily basis. And, finding a way to relax can be hard. When you are going to relax in one of the best swim spas, you are going to feel the tiredness and stress going away. You don’t need to swim in the spa tub in order to use it correctly. You can just sit and relax with a drink after a hard day.

Health benefits

One of the most common reasons why people are purchasing a swimming hot tub, is for the health benefits that you can have with this spa tub. There are many health benefits that you, your parents and even your children can enjoy.

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