Busting the most common swimming hot tub myths

The one problem with having internet and being able to search things on the internet, is that there are many myths about different things that people believe that isn’t really the truth. And, because they don’t know the truth, they are confused if this is something that they should purchase or not.

This is the same with the myths about swimming hot tubs. There are many myths that people belief, that isn’t really the truth. And, they don’t consider purchasing these tub spas because of these myths. With these myths busted, you will be able to get the truth behind these tubs and you will know for sure that this might be something that you can consider purchasing.

These tubs are way too expensive for normal people

The first and most, common myth is that the Swim Spas is way too expensive for normal people that doesn’t have large budgets.

This isn’t the truth at all. These tub spas are more affordable than what most people might think or realize. And, this is for sure a lot more affordable than a normal swimming pool. Everyday people that have normal budgets can also purchase their own spa without any financial problems. The secret is that you should make sure that you are doing your research and find the place online that are selling these spas more affordable than other places.

You can’t purchase one if you are renting a home

When you are renting a home, you aren’t allowed to change anything on the property. This normally includes a swimming pool as well. People think that this will also include swimming hot tubs.

If you are purchasing the right type of tub, you will be able to take it with you when you are moving away. Making it possible to purchase, when you are renting a home. You should just make sure that you are purchasing the one that is portable and that you can take with you, when you are moving to another home.

Maintenance on these tubs are more expensive than the maintenance on a pool

People with swimming pools know that it can cost a lot of money to do maintenance. And, the myth is that these swim spas are even more expensive to maintain.

This isn’t completely the truth. There are some of these spas that do require some maintenance, but it will not come close to the what maintenance on a swimming pool will cost. A swimming pool is really expensive to maintain, from the chemicals that you need to add to the pumps and the other cleaning tools needed to maintain a pool. The higher quality spa’s maintenance costs are even lower than the normal spas that you can purchase, and for sure lower than the swimming pools.

It is hard to find these spas to purchase

People think that purchasing the swimming hot tubs is really frustrating, because they are hard to find. It isn’t the truth, depending on where you are looking for these tubs. In some places, it might be hard to find, if you are not purchasing it online. This is another myth, because there are many places online that are selling these spas. The thing that you need to consider is where you are going to purchase the spa.

However, there are many online stores that are selling these tubs, and they aren’t really as expensive or hard to find as what you might have thought. The secret is that you should make sure that you are doing your research and find the place that is selling the best spas at the most affordable price.  It isn’t hard to find a spa, but it can be a long process to find the right place that is offering high quality spas, when you are purchasing it online.

Swim spas have many myths that people believe is true. However, the more you are reading about these spas and the more you are doing research, the more you will understand that most information is just myths. That it isn’t expensive to purchase, and that it is a lot cheaper to maintain than a swimming pool. The thing that you should know is that you should make sure that you are purchasing a high quality spa and not the cheapest one you can find.

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Hot tub spas versus normal swimming pools: which one is better?

So many of us are considering purchasing and installing a swimming pool. However, because this can be really expensive, we are hesitant. One thing that people don’t always consider, is that there is another, cheaper way to have a place at your property where you can swim.

The hot tub spa can also be something that you can consider, instead of a swimming pool. This is why it is important to make sure that you know which one is going to be best for you and your family. With these benefits of having a spa tub at your home, you will see that there is just one choice that you can make when deciding between purchasing a spa tub or a swimming pool.

The price difference between these two

In order to know which one between the swimming pool and the four persons hot tub is better for you, you need to know the price of these two options.

The moment that you are doing a comparison, you will realize that when you are purchasing a swimming pool, that you are going to pay a lot of money for it. This is because a swimming pool is really expensive. A lot more expensive than a spa tub. If you can’t afford the swimming pool, it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford the tub.

Maintenance cost of swimming pools and spa tubs

The second thing that you should look at when you are choosing between a hot tub spas and the swimming pool is the maintenance costs that you need to pay on a regular basis. There are many things that you should maintain with a swimming pool that you don’t need to maintain these spa tubs.

This is making the spa tub even more affordable than the swimming pool. People with swimming pools know how expensive the maintenance on a monthly basis can cost.

Having one when you are renting a home

When you are renting a home and you aren’t the homeowner of the home, you might realize that you don’t have the permission to purchase and to install a swimming pool. This isn’t the same when you are going to purchase and install four person hot tubs in a home that you are renting.

This is because this spa tub is portable and can be removed when you are moving to another home. And, then you can use the same tub in your new home, without spending more money on it. Something that you won’t be able to do when you are installing a swimming pool to any home.

The price of installation

The price of the installation can also make it clear that purchasing and installing a hot tub spa is the better option. This is because you are going to spend a lot less money on installing the tub spa than on the installation of the swimming pool.

The main reason why the spa tub is so much cheaper to install, is because it is portable and doesn’t require any serious installation, like with the swimming pool. The one thing that is making a swimming pool expensive, isn’t the purchase of the pool, but the installation of the pool.

The amount of time during the year that you can use it

The last thing that you need to consider, before you decide if you are going to purchase a swimming pool or a spa tub, is the amount of time that you can use it during a year. With a swimming pool, the water is cold and you can only use it during the summer time. However, with the tub spa, you can use it throughout the winter, because it is a hot-water spa that can be used, even if this is cold.

You might be considering to install something that you can your family can enjoy. However, you can’t decide if you want to install a swimming pool or if you want to install a four person hot tubs. With these information, you will realize that a spa tub is the better choice, because of costs, installation and portability. You don’t need to be the owner of a home in order to purchase and install the tub. Making this the best possible choice.

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Our Policy For Premium Leisure LLC

Our policy at “Premium Leisure LLC” is to provide you with Better Products for a Better Life. To that end, we strive for excellence in hydrotherapy, design, operation, efficiency, quality and support. We promise to handle all claims that might arise per your spa warranty with professional courtesy and first-call resolution in mind. We have a comprehensive network of service technicians and dealers throughout North America. Most of the service providers we contract take no more than a few business days to have your hot tub or swim spa concerns quickly resolved. In many cases, we find our customer support team to be the fastest means of service, as many questions easily are corrected over the phone and do not require parts or a service visit.

We will require your full name, complete address and contact number/numbers and, most importantly, your hot tub or swim spa’s unique EIGHT-DIGIT SERIAL NUMBER. This serial number is required as we maintain a database for tacking any of your warranty issues, service progress, questions and complete history. There is a time limit for warranty service on each hot tub and swim spas manufactured by Premium Leisure LLC. Please read your owner’s manual that contains your warranty information. It is important you understand your warranty. To easily register your hot tub or swim spa with Premium Leisure LLC, simply mail in the warranty form attached to your warranty, or complete the online form.

Please note, we are not responsible for the warranties of hot tubs and swim spas built by companies other than Premium Leisure LLC. We do, however, carry an extensive inventory of parts and retain knowledgeable customer service representatives who can assist you with your out of warranty needs.

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Top Ten Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Spa

A hot tub is a mini pool of heated water used for hydrotherapy and relaxation. They are designed with built in jets and come in two different types’ namely portable hot tubs and spas and fixed or in-ground. Nowadays, there is a vast variety of options available with features that include various finishes, comfortable pillows, LED lighting, water fountains and MP3 player docking systems. These tubs are made from various materials like fibreglass and acrylic which gives you the freedom to choose according to your needs.

If you crave for a spa like experience after a long day at work but do not have the time or energy left to visit one then a Hot Tub Spas is what you need! Read on to know more about its benefits and how it can help you maintain a healthy body and a calm mind.

Experience Relaxation and Bliss

Hot Tub Spa helps you unwind from a long day at work. The temperature of the water helps soothe your nerves and decreases inflammation helping your mind and body relax. It has been observed that immersing your body in water can have a positive effect on your brain thereby releasing stress and helps you feel a lot calmer than before.

Take Time off From Technology

In today’s day and age, technology has left us no time for ourselves. Spending time in a Hot Tub Spa gives us the benefits of staying away from that tablet or phone that we are usually hooked to thereby giving us more quality time for ourselves.

Use a Hot Tub Spa to Bring Down High Blood Pressure

It has been proven that a Hot Tub can lower high blood pressure. This is because, the heat makes the heart work more thereby improving circulation which brings down the pressure in your blood.

Ease out Sore Muscles and Joints

The temperature of the water and pulsation of jets in a portable hot tub can help extensively in relieving pain in muscles and joints. This takes place because your body weight is supported by water leading your joints to be resting during that time.

Sleep like a Baby

Recent surveys have shown that soaking in a Hot Tub and Spa just before you sleep can help you with insomnia thereby helping you sleep like a baby! The hot water hydrotherapy helps in the secretion of sleep related hormones.


It is common knowledge that exercising in water is much easier when compared to doing on land. This can also raise the heart rate and can make physical activity less painful when compared to doing it in a dry state.

Improve Your Sports Performance

Research says that Hot Tub Spas can help you in improving your game when you consistently play it. Soaking in it will help you avoid muscle soreness and will increase your blood flow which will help in the reduction of Lactic Acid that is known for causing fatigue.

Soothes Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common health issue and a Hot Tub and Spa can do wonders to fix it. This therapy can have both long and short term effects. However, the continuous use of a hot tub can lead to relief in back pain. Recent surveys have proved that people with severe back pain have been healed with hydrotherapy and have reduced the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Reduction in Blood Sugar Level

portable Hot Tub Spas can help in lowering blood sugar levels to a great extent. It raises body temperature thereby dilating blood vessels and helping diabetes patients. However, if you wear an insulin pump, you will have to remove it before you go inside the water.

Relieves Pain in Arthritis

Millions of people suffer from acute arthritis pain. However, the use of Spas and Hot tubs can help invariably in reducing the pain as it keeps the joints moving. It can also give your joints protection from getting damaged further. Soaking in hot tubs will also give you a chance to exercise your legs thereby encouraging free movement. Regular exercises can help you in building muscle strength. The jet sprays warm water and air which replicated a massaging motion and loosens tight muscles.

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Factors to be Considered While Purchasing the Best Swim Spa

If you are looking for a pool to have all that beach fun from the comfort of your home but find it too expensive, then a swim spa is your best option! Swim spas are the perfect amalgamation of a swimming pools and therapeutic hot tubs. This two in one combo will ensure that you get value for your money! With the tremendous variety of Swim Spas available in the market, we have put together their benefits and some essentials you should consider while buying one.

How do Swim Spas Work?

Swim Spas are smaller than a conventional swimming pool but they allow you to swim continuously with the help of currents created using powerful jets which give you the freedom to swim continuously in a small space without having to turn around. Installing a swim spa gives you a corner where you can relax and exercise without leaving your home. The overall look of this swimming hot tub looks like a miniature of a pool.

Benefits of a Swimming Hot Tubs

  • Swimming hot tubs can be much cheaper than a conventional pool.
  • The best part of a swim spa is that the can be relocated if you move to another place
  • In case of swim laps, these spas enable you to swim easily in a restricted space.
  • The pumps of these are extremely powerful and have been formatted in way to use lesser chemicals than a normal pool needs thereby making the water cleaner and healthier.
  • Swim spas come in a variety of depths which allows people to use under water treadmills and perform aerobics.

How to Purchase a Swimming Hot Tub

Purpose of Purchase

The first and foremost factor to be considered is whether you would like to purchase it for exercise or fun. If you wish to buy a swim spa for exercise then consider buying paddlewheel or propeller models.

Location of Swim Spa

Think of the placement of the swim spa. If you place it indoor then you can cut down on the heating cost and it can be used irrespective of the season. However, if you feel you wish to place it outside, you can enjoy it under the open skies with all that sun giving you a chance to work on your tan! The material is important as well if you plan to place it indoor since steel and vinyl would be the best for the same. On the other hand, installation levels such as on ground or in ground need to be considered.

Compare Between Brands

Do some market research before you zero in on a brand to buy the best swim spa. You can use the internet to read more about the features offered by different dealers’ .Click here to view our recommendation for one of the best swim spa brands.

Try Before You Buy

Before you zero in on a swimming hot tub, try out a few to test the features since there can be a lot of difference between what every brand has to offer. You can even ask for a test swim.

Installation Costs

When you compare between prices, the importance of extra costs such as installation cannot be ignored. Some swim spas might portable and might require expensive installation costs. If this factor is not considered, you can end up spending more than your original budget.

Technology Used in the Swim Spa’

It is vital to understand the technology behind every spa to choose the right one that suits your needs. For instance, the paddlewheel technology is used by rehabs, athletes and household users because it offers continuous current and water flow.

Seating Layout

Swimming Hot Tubs come with various seating arrangements and shapes. Some might have space for four people whereas others might offer space for two. Choose the configuration according to your personal needs.


Lighting arrangements can add to the enjoyment and safety factor of your Swimming Hot Tub.

Customer Service

Investing in a product which is not backed by strong customer service makes it useless. Make sure that the company offers a good customer support so that they can serve you instantly in case of any repairs or maintenance.

It is important to consider all the above mentioned offers so that you can choose the best swim spa that can match your needs.

Resource By : https://www.prlog.org/12656235-factors-to-be-considered-while-purchasing-the-best-swim-spa.html

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Portable Hot Tub Spa

This is also why so many people are wondering if the portable hot tub spa is a must have or just the luxury that we want in our homes to improve our way of living. With all this information, you will see that having a spa bath isn’t just all about having the luxury and having a great calming place to relax. It is actually a must have for everyone that has some health problems. Here are some reasons on why spa baths are a must and not just a luxury.

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Premium Leisure Variable Speed Swim Spa

Premium Swim Spas are the culmination of a vision; a vision founded on the ideal of designing a hot tub that is exceptional in every aspect of design, quality, comfort and features. Over 100 years of combined engineering and creativity experience went into the development of Premium swim Spas, the result of which, is a product that exceeds the boundaries of normality. Influenced and inspired by consumer driven desire, Premium Spas are the epitome of Luxury and Performance.

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